Our Services


    Investigations, employment, daycare providers, embezzlement, internal employee theft, etc. If you need to know who you're REALLY dealing with, we can get you the answers you need!

    We utilize the most sophisticated and up to date tools that provide you with the specific documentation of our detailed investigative surveillance efforts. You will be provided professional photographs and videos that will provide you evidence; not speculation or a simple hand written report.

    We guarantee that you can search the world over and your answer is right here. Our Technical Surveillance Countermeasure Investigative (TSCM) staff has many years of intensive electronic and radio experience. The equipment we utilize is the most extensive and up to date available. Don’t trust your security and assets to “fly by night” or inexperienced persons.
    If you believe your home or corporation may be the victim of having your telephones tapped, or a bug placed on the premise for the purpose of espionage, do not take a chance, call our office today and stop worrying. Bugs could be placed anywhere and believe it or not, quite easily. If you have someone BUGGING YOU, call us today.

    We do have investigators that are retired law enforcement officers, homicide investigators, narcotics agents, traffic investigators, investigators that are qualified to testify as a professional witness in Court. We work on COLD CASE HOMICIDES in conjunction with the originating law enforcement agency. Please note that on all criminal defense work, we only accept the most serious cases. We believe that you truly are innocent until proven guilty.

    Investigations can be very complex. Every case must be evaluated individually and we promise to give you an honest evaluation of your case. We will help you factually decide if you want your case to go to trial or if you have a case that most likely should be plea-bargained.

    No matter who you are searching for, we have an excellent track record of locating a run away child, a contractor that has defrauded you, long lost friend, etc. We have investigators that are highly trained at locating individuals.

    When it comes to looking for missing money, we have investigators that can track assets no matter how well they may be hidden. Don't be bilked out of a dime because someone has told you that you have no chance of finding hidden bank accounts etc. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.